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Term & Conditions for Permits & LicensesTerm & Conditions for Permits & Licenses

Requirement for Licensing:-

Temporary Advertisement Licence Guideline

Licensing condition – Reflexology & Health Establishment

Siting Requirements for Entertainment Outlets

Minimum applicant, premise & siting requirement for application of reflexology & health establishment licence

Requirement on building plan -

     - Laundry

    - Cyber Cafe

    - Reflexology & Health Establishments (Massage, Spa, Reflexology)

    - Pub/Lounge/karaoke/Music Café/Night Café/Laser Disc Studio

    - Minimum Health and Licensing Requirement (Food Premises) Coffee & Tea/Foodshop/Restaurant

For More Information, please contact 082-354257 / 354275/ 354570 / 354255 / 354260/354258  ext 570 ,


Procedure for Building Alterations

Procedure for Submission of Building Plan and Occupational Permit

For More Information, please contact 082- 354200 ext 230/231/232/532/233

Requirement for Pet Ownership

Procedure for pet ownership -Term & Condition

Maximum of 3 dogs and licence fee per dog : RM 10.00.


Requirement for Rating and Valuation

Extract of the local authorities (Rating) regulations