33rd Anniversary of Kuching City Day

2021 is an exceptionally challenging year for the city and our residents.

Since last year, we have to face and fight the pandemic more effectively, resources are realigned and recalibrated to ensure the safety and health of Kuching residents are adequately protected. We had no choice but to reprioritise our operations to ensure that.

However, with good men and women of MBKS working harder than before, I am cautiously confident that the City's wellfare, development, and securities will be adequately attended to, as we focus on fighting the pandemic.

Therefore, this year, we have decided to do the right thing, by not celebrating the City's day in excess. Instead, we shall continue to concentrate in our effort to battle COVID19.

As part of the MBKS team, we must realise that we are the first point of contact between Citizens and Government. As such, we cannot afford to fail - for our failure in any aspect, would result in dire consequences.

There are alot of hard and difficult decisions for us to make. One such as the closing down of premises suspected of being location of Covid cluster. An example would be the closing down of Stutong market, which is the heart and soul of many Kuching residents, among others. These tough decisions were made careful consideration and weighing of all Pros and Cons. I assure you, that no decisions were made lightly when it comes to balancing the interest of our Residents, and the need to swiftly curtail COVID's virality.

Also, we have imposed more precautionary approaches in issuing business licenses. Additional requirement were added as mandatory criterias in business and commercial license applications. Announcements on the details will be made in due time.

On top of that, we are also adopting the "digital way", l am sure everyone is familiar with our Qmunity App, the 1st Tracking App in Malaysia, the enforcement bodycam and the face recognition check in, and to smoothen application processes in MBKS - we will soon implement the auto-tracking system.

When facing challenging situations like this pandemic, the only way for MBKS to go, is to work twice or thrice harder than before. Not only that we cannot afford to take breaks in between, we have to speed up our efforts in areas like facilitating vaccination operations, quarantine, and enforcing SOP rules.

The significance of Kuching's City Day 2021 will be embraced fully in new norms. We must always remember, that it is the spirit of unity, and togetherness of Kuching and its residents that gave this day its meaning.

Thank you very much and to every Kuching residents, Happy City Day 2021.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Wear your mask and follow SOP.