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Last Update: 30 May 2017
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Closed Date

1. MBKS/ENG(T)-NO.7-2017 Replacement of Lift Wire Rope, Wheel Sheave and New Installation of Car Locking Devices for the lift at Housing Estate 09 June 2017
2. Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017 Kekosongan Gerai Makanan Kuching Festival Food Fair 2017 05 June 2017
3. MBKS/KFF/TQ/7.1(21/2017) Tender for 2017 Kuching Festival Indoor and Outdoor Trade Fairs 05 June 2017
4. MBKS/KFF/TQ/7.1(21/2017) Tender for 2017 Kuching Festival Fair Soft Drinks, Ice Flakes, Ice ‘Kacang’ and other Assorted Dessert Stalls 05 June 2017
6. MBKS/KFF/TQ/7.1(21/2017) Tender for Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Operation of Sound and Lighting Systems (Musical Equipment, Accessories & Etc.) for 2017 Kuching Festival Nightly Entertainment 05 June 2017
7. MBKS/KFF/TQ/7.1(21/2017) Quotation for Operating Balloon Stalls at the 2017 Kuching Festival Fair 05 June 2017

Tender For Design, Erection, Maintenance And Management Of The Two (2) Numbers Of Advertisement Billboards Erected On The Rooftop Of Pedestrian Overhead Bridge At Jalan Simpang Tiga Near Swinburne University, Kuching.