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Last Update: 21 Nov 2017
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Closed Date

1. MBKS/PMS(Q)-No.6/2017 Proposal & Quatation for the Operation and Management of a Retail Space at MBKS Swimming Pool 30 November 2017
2 MBKS/BLD(Q)-No.52/2017 Quatation for the Supply and Delivery of Flower Posts to M.B.K.S Nurseries for the Year 2018 (RECALL) 24 November 2017
3 MBKS/BLD(Q)-No.53/2017 Quatation for the Supply and Delivery of Washed Karangan Stone to MBKS for year 2018 (RECALL) 24 November 2017
4. MBKS/ENG(T)-No.87/2017 Proposed Drainage Improvement at Stampin Resettlement Scheme (Phase 1) 22 November 2O17