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Last Update: 23 May 2019
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History of KMC Library (1970-1989)

The Council Lending Library at Jalan P. Ramlee was declared open by the President of the Kuching Municipal Council, Cr. Song Thian Cheok, P. B. S. on 15th September, 1970. The Council Managed the Public Lending Library till 1989. In 1999, the Library Sub-Committee was Formed to set-up this New Informative Center ( MBKS Resource Centre ) to meet the demands of the residents within the Councils jurisdiction after the old Library, formerly known as KMC Library was taken over by the DBKU in 1990.

MBKS Resource Centre , Jalan Padungan

The new MBKS Resource Centre was declared to serve the public in July 2003. The new MBKS Resource Centre is situated at the Mezzanine floor of the City Hall covering a floor area of 966 sq. meters. The Adult Reference is located on the left wing for books on general subjects. There are also separated shelves for Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Books on Malaysia and Sarawak. For the students, a small section of books on PMR, SPM & STPM are also available while books for light reading, magazines and newspapers are on the right wing. Starting from the year 2005, the Council had started to purchase books on subject related to ‘build environment’ such as construction, architecture, planning, interior design etc. In conjunction with the Council’s effort to transform the MBKS Resource Centre into a technical MBKS Resource Centre, a number of 329 titles of books on landscaping and architecture had been purchased in 2005. Those technical books can be obtainable for reference at the MBKS Resource Centre … 

Apart from the technical books, various types of technical magazines for landscaping and architecture is also available for reference in MBKS Resource Centre… 


Latest Books in MBKS Resource Centre
  1. SPON’S Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book 2009 (40th Edition)
  2. Preventive Photoshop
  3. Representing Landscape Architecture
  4. Space and Light
  5. Professional Photoshop – Fifth Edition - The Classic Guide To Color Correction
  6. Commercializing Greats Products with Design for Six Sigma
  7. Design & Construction of Steel Bridges
  8. Engineering Fundamentals : An Introduction To Engineering, Third Edition
  9. Discovering Hospitality And Tourism : The World’s Greatest Industry – Second Edition
  10. Bridges : Three Thousands Years Of Defying Nature
  11. Decent Homes For All
  12. Environmental Law : Sixth Editon
  13. Engineering Ethics : Third Edition
  14. Advanced Engineering Mathematics : Sixth Edition
  15. Automotive Steering, Suspension, And Wheel Alignment : Third Edition
  16. Facilities Planning And Design
  17. The Digital Photographer’s Notebook : A Pro’s Guide To Adobe Photoshop CS3, Lightroom And Bridge
  18. Concrete Design
  19. Living With Books
  20. Home Office Planner
  21. John Brooke Garden Design Course
  22. Minimum Space Maximum Living
  23. Garden In Perpective
  24. Introduction To Hospitality Management
  25. Grow Your Own Veg
  26. Contemporary Stained Glass : A Guide To The Potential Of Modern Stained Glass In Architecture
  27. Colours Of Architecture
  28. New Residential Architecture : Radical Approaches To A Contemporary Housing