Tender/ Quotation



Closed Date

MBKS/TRY/(T)(1/2019) Supply and Delivery of Computer Paper, NCR Paper and Pre-Printed Form 12.00 noon on Monday,
29th November 2021
MBKS/TRY/(T)(2/2019) Supply of Stationaries 12.00 noon on Monday,
29th November 2021
MBKS/ENG(T)-NO.75/2021 Proposed Construction of 2.3m (H) x 27m (L) R.C. Retaining Wall at Lorong Hup Kee 11, Kuching 11.30 a.m. on Friday,
10th December 2021
MBKS/PMS(Q)-N0.5/2021 Proposal & Quotation for the Operation & Management of A Retail Space at MBKS Swimming Pool, Jalan Padungan, Kuching 12.00 noon on Thursday,
9th December 2021
MBKS/BLD(T)-No.6/2021 Tender Request for Proposal and Concept for the Operation and Management of The Tea Pavilion (for Any Business Related to Food and Beverage) at Taman Sahabat, Jalan Song, Kuching Year 2022 12.00 noon on Monday,
13th December 2021