Pet Ownership

Owning a Dog... Responsiblities

  • Each premise can only licence and keep up to 3 dogs
  • Register your dog with MBKS at the time the dog is at least five months of age.
  • A licence shall be enforced from the time it is taken out until the expiration of the period of twelve months.
  • MBKS will issue a metal identification label or a dog tag which you must attach to the collar worn by the dog.
  • Keep your dog in your compound.
  • Do not let loose your dog at all times despite the legal licence.
  • House your dog in a clean and sanitary kennel.
  • Provide it with sufficient food, water, shelter and exercise at all times.
  • If your dog is taken for a walk or exercise have it put on a strap, leash or chain to ensure effective control.
  • Ensure your dog does not attack or cause injury to persons and other livestock or damage property.
  • If your dog defecates upon the foothpath or any other public place, you must clean it up immediately.
  • Do not allow your dog to cause nuisance i.e. howling or barking (minimize nuisance caused by your dogs).


Many thousands of unwanted and abandoned puppies and dogs are destroyed each year. 

No matter what precautions you take, if your bitch (female dog) is in season she will do anything to escape and follow her instincts. Roving male dogs will also do their best to get a date and accidents do happen! 

Spaying is now a routine operation. Your dog will be under general anaesthetic and she will have fully recovered after approximately three weeks. There are no reasons why you should wait until after she has had her first litter. 

Neutering a male dog is another straightforward operation. As well as making your dog less likely to stray, it usually helps to stop him becoming aggressive. With a sensible diet and exercise he should not become overweight and he will recover from the operation surprisingly quickly. 



If you should lose your pet, there are some immediate steps you should take: 

    (a) Call the respective Councils 
        (i) Majils Bandaraya Kuching Selatan: 082-238080 
        (ii) Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara: 082-448763 
        (iii) Padawan Municipal Council: 082-615566 
    (b) Call the SSPCA 082-618 200 Fax: 082-616 500
    (c) Visit the dog pound to identify your pet personally.  Description given over the telephone can often differ from the actual description of the animal at the kennels. 
    (d) Check with any veterinary clinics in your area, as your pet could have been taken to there if it is involved in an accident. 

REMEMBER if your pet is wearing its Dog Registration Disc and its Identification Disc, you could avoid all these problems. 

These laws are designed to protect owners and the public at large. Owners not complying with the law be fined up to RM5OO for the first offence and RM1OOO for subsequent offences. 

For more information, please contact MBKS at 082-247511/242311 082-235055 (dog pound)

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