1. What Is Council's Assessment Rates?

Assessment rates are local rates imposed for ownership of rateable holding situated at Council Of The Kuching South jurisdiction.

2. Who Are The Rates Payers?

The owners of the rateable holdings are liable to pay the  assessment rates.

3. Why Should I Pay The Rates?

Rates are essential to assist to finance the Council's expenditure in providing service to the public eg. Cleanliness, solid waste, street lighting, parks, grass cutting and maintenance.

4. When Can I Pay The Assessment Rate?

The assessessment rate can be paid twice a year :-
First half : The due date is on 31st. May.
Second half : The due date is on 31st. October.
Assessment paid after the last date for payment shall be subject to a surcharge or default fee of 1% per month.

5. Where do we make payments for utility bills and other related matters?

Council Of The Kuching South Payment Counter at Ground Floor.

For more infomation, please do not hesitate to contact any officer or staff of Council Of The Kuching South

6. When the payment of the overparking notice can be made?
The payment of the overparking notice can be made within three (3) working days after the date of issue.

7. Can we apply for a cancellation or reduction of the compound?
Yes. Application can be made by sending the appeal letter to Perking Control Unit, MBKS.

8. What type of facility the MBKS Resource Centre provide?

  • Wifi
  • Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC)
  • Reference service
  • Information Service



9. What type of collection available in Resource Centre?

  •  Sarawakiana & Malaysiana collection
  • Sarawak Gazzette, Ordinance & Bills
  • Architectural collection
  • Medical Collection
  • School reference collection, and etc.

10. What action can council take against rate defaulters?

  • Imposition of a default fee or surcharge of 1% per month or part there of.

  • Lodgement of caveat against the holding.  This will restrain the registration of transfer or of other dealings affecting the holding.

  • Institution of legal proceedings.

  • Attachment of rateable holding or movable property

Note:      Costs incurred shall be borne by the ratepayer.