Mayor's Hawker Conference Speech (25th March 2009)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In everything that we do, there must be synergy, which means “working together”, especially when we have to deal with people and businesses. It becomes even more crucial if it is on a daily basis and with various segments of society and levels of economies. The MBKS Hawkers’ Conference, first of its kind in Sarawak, is one of the numerous initiatives organized by the Council of the City of Kuching South (MBKS) to create synergy and cooperation between Council, business communities and the general public.

The conference will provide a platform for the dissemination and sharing of mutually beneficial business ideas and knowledge, which would serve to heighten business performance and excellence in the long term. Good business practices and etiquettes should and can be adopted by the hawkers, who help to shape the commercial landscape of our economically viable State.

In acknowledgement of their support and involvement, certificates of attendance will be given for hawkers participating in this one-day conference on 24th March 2009, which may in turn be used as one of the criteria for obtaining or renewing licenses in the future. I urge all hawkers to take up and make full use of this chance to enrich and enhance themselves and their businesses, and to encourage other hawkers or traders to value such opportunities when they arise.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka (Dr.) Ting Pek Khiing, owner of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, for his generosity and foresight in working together with Council in jointly organizing this “MBKS Hawkers’ Conference”. I look forward to further and future collaborations with corporate bodies towards the progress of Sarawak, economically and as a harmonious and civic conscious society. My appreciation also goes to the organizing committee for their contribution and effort in ensuring the success of the conference.

Thank you.

我们在做任何事情都必须要强调协 心合力,即是“共同合作”,尤其是在我们处理有关人事与生意的课题上。 若所处理的日常生活中之事情涉及社会各个不同的阶级和不同层次的经济领域时,协心合力就显得更加重要。这项全砂首次举办的《古晋南市小贩大会》就是古晋南 市市政局其中一项能与商界与群众建立互动与合作的活动。


为了感谢小贩们参与这2009年3月24日的小贩大会,每一参与者皆可获得参与证书, 而这证书或将成为今后申请或更新小贩营业执照的考虑条件之一。我呼吁小贩们善用这个机会,来提升各自的经营能力。我同时也鼓励其他小贩或贸易商,即若今后有类似的机会就得好好把握。
我 要感谢丹斯里拿督巴杜卡陈伯勤,即古晋福朋喜来登酒店东主的赞助及全力与南市政局配合联举这届《古晋南市小贩大会》。希望今后能有更多与企业团体合作的机 会,让我们共同为砂州经济的发展,社会的和谐与公民意识的提高而努力。我也藉此机会感谢筹委会的付出与努力,让这大会能成功举行。