Speech During The Commemoration of City Day & Launching of Festival Food Fair On 1 August 2010, At Man Made Lake, Kuching Park

Friday, August 06, 2010

Terlebih dahulu saya ingin merakamkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan dan terima kasih kepada YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr George Chan Hong Nam atas kesudian untuk meluangkan masa merasmikan Hari Ulangtahun Bandaraya Kuching kali ke-22 dan perasmian Kuching Festival Fair pada malam ini. Kehadiran Yang Berhormat Datuk Patinggi sudah tentu menyerikan lagi majlis kita.

Yang Berhormat, Ladies and Gentlemen
I am honoured to assume this exciting role as Mayor of Kuching South. Thank you to State Government for the vote of confidence and trust. I accept this responsibility and commit to sewing the people of Kuching to the best of my abilities with vision, enthusiasm and energy. I pledge to lead and hope to transform aspirations into outcomes.

I would also like to thank my Minister, YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh for being the able Minister to make the key decision for my Council to bring benefits to the people of Kuching. Same goes to YB Datuk Haji Daud Abdul Rahman for my brother City North Commission as decision made also have an impact on my side and so far, has a positive impact on Kuching City as a whole. It shows that we, both Councils are a real team to make Kuching to be the best City in the region in spite of the fact we are still a developing State in Malaysia.

Yang Berhormat, Ladies and Gentlemen

During the past twelve months, MBKS re-invented itself by developing strong policies and demonstrating its ability to address the needs of our great multicultural and diverse community. MBKS does our work to be in line with the scope and responsibilities of a City Council, to move in tandem with the 'rakyat' interest and thoughts of what a City Council should function, to be the communicator and implementer of the policies of the Government of the Day and to carry out our duties based on MBKS ‘3 Principles' of Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency. And to add on the ingredients of a good Council, the '3Rs' of 'Rules' plus 'Regulation' plus 'Relationship' and it is the third 'R' that will ensure the success of a Council
programme of a liveable City.

I pledge to all present tonight, that under my leadership this Council will work in the best interests of our Kuching South Community. MBK will continue to improve our multi-faceted society for the benefit of all residents and ratepayers. In the past twelve months, this Council established a reputation for delivering timely and much needed essential services in our community around rubbish collections and a cleaner city. I will continue and build upon that program around the key issues of street repairs, street cleaning, rubbish collections, local amenity, planning, parks, gardens and services to the young and elderly.

Yang Berhormat, Ladies and Gentlemen

Kuching City is really one city which is blessed to have our beloved statesman as our YAB Chief Minister for a decade and it is through his ideas and vision of a healthy and liveable City, a City he wants to ensure the very city called home for all people who lives in Kuching whether you are born here or migrants from other parts of Sarawak or Malaysia or for that matter, even from overseas even on a second home program or visitors.

Look at this beautiful city, blessed by God, so serene, so unpolluted, a balanced blend of green and not a concrete jungle like other cities, more a village city, even weather, we are blessed to have the normal type of weather, no destruction like experienced in other cities, no pollution from polluting Industries like other cities, still planning for a better and friendly environmentally aspect planting trees wherever the space are available for green and environmentally improvements of a healthy city to be enjoyed and a pleasure for the future generations.

Kuching people must also play their part to keep and sustain the cleanliness and the health security of our city. They should not have the attitude that ‘I PAY RATES' and so 'I CAN POLLUTE' and let the Council take care of the rubbish. How the City will be or look like depend very much on the people who live there. If you want Kuching City to be a first class city, then it will be a first class city. So, the same goes our own thinking and attitude. If we, the people want to be a first class people, then we will be a first class people and if we are first class people, then our city will certainly be a first class city. Let us follow our beloved YAB Chief Minister vision for all of us to be a knowledge society and to aim for a high Income economy in Sarawak. If we can achieve this vision, then we, the people especially those living in Kuching city, will benefit and sustain a healthy, prosperous and peaceful living among all its citizen and that will be the best thing any citizen of a country can expect from its government.

Yang Berhormat, Ladies and Gentlemen

MBKS has certainly improved its service delivery on its core activities, its green and environmental impact on its residents and interacting with the people through partnership with the NGOs, community associations, community leaders and residents themselves on the improvement aspect on how to make our Kuching City South area , a even better place to live. For this, the Council have taken a number of community innovation and initiatives like holding the MBKS Hawkers Conference, the first ever such conference in Malaysia with the record attendance of about 4000 hawkers, the Chinese New Year Lunar Day celebration gathering for the people of Kuching City on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year with the record attendance of about 20,000 people. These two major community activities were self funded by the community themselves and only organized by the Council.

Citizens of Kuching, tonight I pledge to work for the greater good of our community. Such a pledge demands that I be fair and even handed in dealings with businesses, residents and community interest groups. To that end, I make my commitment. On our watch, MBKS will continue to be a leader amongst Councils. It will be responsible, transparent and accountable, while delivering first class services to all people in the community.

To all of the people of Kuching - I am asking you to help build Kuching into a great City. Get involved in our Councils, reach out to your communities, help those less fortunate. Join "FRIENDS OF MBKS".

To all of our nearly 1000 Council's employees - Think back to the reasons you were motivated to go into public service. I ask you to rededicate yourself to service to the community and take your work to a higher level.

To my fellow Councillors - Your passion for service and commitment to the community and hard work put you in a position of public trust, which we all have to renew with our actions every day. I know you have talents that will be essential in solving our problems and moving us forward. We must work together in collaboration to serve the people of Kuching. Together we can and we will build a great city.

Yang Berhormat, Ladies and Gentlemen

Before I conclude, I would like to welcome panels of Bandar Lestari who fly all the way from Kuala Lumpur to participate in this memorable occasion. I would also like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Organising Chairman of Kuching Festival 2010, Cr. Haji Mohd Taufik bin Ghani for having organized tonight's ceremony. Appreciation is also due to the Kuching Festival Main Organising Committee and members of the other Sub-Committees who have worked hard in preparing and coordinating the programme of activities for Kuching Festival 2010. May I also take this opportunity to express the Council's sincere appreciation to the main sponsors, Magnum 4-D East Malaysia Sendirian Berhad, Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd, ASTRO and all the Festival Fair participants for their support and contributions.

Thank you.