Mayor puzzled why MBKS targeted by rumour mongers
Posted on : 11 May 2022  Source of News:

By Irene C on May 11, 2022, Wednesday at 5:30 PM

Wee (second left) presents a certificate to the Pandan Thai Delight representative at the Kuching Clean Toilet Campaign event. – Photo by Chimon Upon

KUCHING (May 11): Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng has urged rumour mongers to use their free time to help those in need instead of spoiling the harmony and unity amongst Sarawakians.

He was responding to rumours that Chinese participants in the coming Kuching Festival do not have to pay stall rental while those of other races have to.

“I don’t understand why people want to create rumours around. Like I said, we don’t want people to be missed out. We treat everyone the same,” he said when met at the Kuching Clean Toilet Campaign certificate presentation ceremony at MBKS headquarters lobby today.

He also pointed to a similar rumour about the MBKS Ramadan bazaar that Malay operators do not have to pay stall rental.

“If you remember, during the Ramadan bazaar last month, there were eight corporate bodies came out to sponsor the rental, so I can’t go in and charge again can I?” he said.

He then remarked that the rental charge of RM500 over 20 days for the Kuching Festival is a reasonable amount.

He said the charge is not enough to pay for canopy rental, what more to say the electricity, security and other costs.

“So that is why we still maintain the price as before. We try to cut down unnecessary expenses, and we are also talking to vendors to keep the food price quite reasonable,” the mayor added.

He wondered why MBKS is targeted as it is not election time now.

“Spreading rumours will not help you win. The council treats everyone the same. Some areas not under MBKS jurisdiction, we still come in and see if we can assist,” he said.

“I don’t know if they (rumour mongers) do it intentionally or not, but for God’s sake, don’t spoil the harmony in our Sarawak.

“If you really have the free time, let’s help people who need help. That is more meaningful,” Wee stressed.

Meanwhile, 58 food operators received the Kuching Clean Toilet Campaign certificates at the event.

“The city council realises the significance of providing safe and hygienic toilets to ensure user awareness of toilet etiquettes because having proper toilet facilities and good user behaviours will improve the cleanliness, sanitation, well being and health of the environment and community or society at large,” he explained.

Kuching City has been designated as the City of Gastronomy which attracts visitors and tourists, he noted.

“Most people, if not all, can get very uptight about cleanliness. A true gastro connoisseur would probably agree with this.

“Cleanliness is closely related to health, comfort, beauty, and pride of the people of a city. And a dirty city reflects the state of mind and the attitude of its people towards hygiene and cleanliness,” said Wee.